A personal message from Tim Staffell

SMILE is a Ghost that has haunted me for nearly thrity years; but it's been a benevolentspook, and I've tried to behave with some dignity, after all, we were twenty, and now we're fifty, and the world looks a verydifferent place these days. I would have liked to have been a succesful musician, although I'm not entirely certain that Icould have handled the life: God bless Freddie, he was a fine singer, a fine writer, and the world is a poorer place for hispassing. He was, unfortunately, a victim of circumstance, and but for those deadly circumstances would have been delighting us still.However you look at it, I was lucky to have been part of those times. The was a lot of hope in the air (most of it Bob Hope),and the delicious mix of glamour and insecurity was, (and still is, I should imagine), just as much of a narcotic.I am not, by nature, a nostalgic person, but when I listen to these tracks, I amtransported back to that time, and I can feel the person I once was, deep beneath the surface. I am reminded of old friends from that timeto the present day, with whom I have lost touch, especially musicians. On behalf of them all, I salute Freddie, and Brian,Roger and John, for the enormous contribution they have made to Music, and Popular Culture. Way to go!

Tim Staffell

Личное послание от Тима Стаффелла

Улыбка -это призрак, который преследует меня уже около 30 лет.

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